Six Reasons Why School Uniforms Count

The importance of school uniforms continues to be a conversation starter in the industry, and there’s a reason why. But why is it so important?

We all know that school uniform has many advantages for schools, parents, and students – and it’s important that each student feels comfortable and confident in their school day. We’ve put together six compelling reasons why school uniforms are so important to help you communicate this with your schools and customers.


Uniform identifies pupils outside of school helping to keep them and your community safe.

Reduces the levels of bullying

Uniform reduces peer pressure on students to dress in the latest trends.

Promotes a positive community spirit

Uniforms instil pride and respect for the values of the school, whilst creating a sense of belonging and identity.

Promotes equality

Uniform reduces inequality between pupils from homes with different incomes.


Uniform encourages students to dress smartly and care about their appearance.

School and home

Uniform provides important distinctions between school and home life each day.


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