Best practice for showcasing your uniform.

5 minute read

Showcasing uniforms can make a big difference to the sales you make, as well as giving a professional impression on schools and customers. This is especially important when tendering for contracts, but it’s also vital in store to help parents visualise the total look of uniform and sportswear.

We asked Banner Product Director – Emma Robertson for some tips on displaying products to best effect.

  1. Used dressed mannequins to display a basket of garments and show the ‘total look’.
  2. Always display blazers with a shirt and tie under it — and try to display sports tops together with shorts, skirts or leggings.
  3. Use thick chunky hangers to show off products at their best — and use the same style of hangers throughout the store.
  4. Know and promote the features and benefits of every core garment. For example, highlight quick dry fabrics in sportswear, or ethical sourcing and eco fabric credentials in uniform.
  5. Create a product support document for your schools, showcasing images and giving detailed product information with photographs.

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