Top Tips for Tendering.

5 minute read

Here are our top 10 things to consider when tendering for a school contract:

  1. Be thorough
    If this is a new school, be sure to thoroughly read through the tender document – making any notes of key requirements and needs.
  2. Research
    Do some background research on the school and their values.
  3. Focus
    If there is a requirement or theme that keeps appearing, make sure you focus on this in your response.
  4. Personalisation
    Personalise your presentation to the school, students and parents. Ask to present to students and parents – this will help build trust.
  5. Eco!
    Shout about eco products – highlighting ethical sourcing, recycled materials and their benefits to the planet.
  6. Basket cost
    Knowing the schools’ existing uniform basket cost. Cost will normally be the highest points award – basket comparison is important.
  7. Value & quality
    Promote value and quality as well as price. Uniform is worn for almost 200 days every year.
  8. Communicate
    Work closely with your school. Communicate that you have together considered the guidance carefully.
  9. Have confidence
    Be confident in your proposition and show off what you have to offer the school.
  10. Shout about it!
    Shout about what sets you apart! Schools want to know about what differentiates you from the competition, don’t be afraid to show off what makes you unique.

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