Why uniform?

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We all know that school uniform has many advantages for schools, parents and pupils – and it’s important that we get that message across to customers. Drawing on industry research, we’ve put together ten reasons that make a compelling case for quality uniform and sportswear.

  • Peer groups
    Uniform reduces peer pressure on students to dress in the latest trend.
  • Identity
    Uniform brings a sense of identity, belonging and community spirit.
  • School and home
    Uniform provides an important distinction between school and home life each day.
  • Pride
    Uniform instils pride and respect for the values of the school.
  • Equality
    Uniform reduces inequality between pupils from homes with different incomes.
  • Safety
    Uniform identifies pupils outside of school helping to keep them and your community safe.
  • Preparation
    Uniforms help students to prepare for dress codes when they leave school.
  • Durability
    Uniform is designed to be worn and washed regularly, unlike many fashion garments.
  • Value
    Uniform is excellent value and reduces overall expenditure for parents.

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