Helping customers shop with confidence.

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Every retailer knows that style, quality and sustainability are critical to what parents and pupils are looking for. That’s why at Banner we’re committed to supporting you in delivering a service that leaves parents feeling positive about what they buy – and students feeling good about what they wear.

We recommend that you offer as much reassurance as possible, helping your customers shop with confidence and convenience.


The idea that children and young people grow a size over summer may be a myth, but it’s a powerful one. Parents tell us that a ‘sizing guarantee’ would encourage them to shop earlier. We recommend that you offer to exchange unused garments between purchase and the start of term for those few pupils who have grown more than expected.


With increased competition from supermarkets and other clothing discounters, parents tell us they are looking for a range of price points that offer great value.

Some of our most enterprising retailers are offering ‘back to school bundles’ at prices that reflect great value for their loyal customers. It’s a one stop offer that makes shopping convenient too.


Students tell us they care about what they wear, and how feeling good at school is so important to them.

Banner undertakes extensive wash and wear tests so we are confident that our products offer the quality that’s needed for garments which are worn so often. Make sure you let parents know about our quality guarantees – giving them confidence that what they buy will look good and last.


Today, sustainability matters! Our research is very clear – parents and students are more conscious than ever about their impact on the planet. They want responsibly sourced and ethically produced garments. Now is the time to help them make a difference – look out for our new eco-aware point of sale material and labelling, and promote sustainability to connect with your customers.

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